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Olfa 6.5 Right Triangle #O1071796


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Olfa Ruler 6.5" Right Triangle Frosted

Nonslip for stable and safe cutting and frosted for clarity on light and dark material. 1" grid markings with 18" increments for accuracy.
Use for precise measurements and cutting angles during sewing and quilting applications. Use for cutting triangles, diamonds, and hexagons with precision.
Great for Flying Geese, Star of Texas, Ohio Star patterns, and many more. OLFA high quality premium rulers are specially made to accommodate all your cutting needs.
Measuring, cutting and squaring up materials has never been easier. Rulers are frosted acrylic with black numbers and lines for clarity on both light and dark colored materials.
Features a 1" grid with 1/2", 1/4" and 1/8" increments for precise measurements and a non-slip surface for stable and safe cutting. The Pyramid is ideal for cutting triangles
, diamonds and hexagons with precision.  OLFA Frosted Advantage 6.5 Inch Right Triangle Acrylic Ruler is non- slip for stable and safe cutting. Frosted back with black grid lines
for clarity on light- and dark-material. The large bold black numbers are easy to read. The rulers have black grid lines at every inch, dotted black lines mark the half-inch
and black tick marks along the solid line mark the quarters and eights. The frosted back grips in place for safe, stable cutting but allows the ruler to be repositioned for small adjustments.
For right-and left-handed use. Hole for convenient hanging.

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