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Arrow/Kangaroo Cabinets and Tables- AUNTIE CABINET


Our Auntie cabinet provides all the features of a larger cabinet but in a reduced size. It will most definitely become your get-it-done workstation.
The cabinet sports a hydraulic airlift that effortlessly adjusts to machines of varying sizes. It includes a collapsible dual-leaf design to increase the overall
workspace and has four roomy drawers for storage and supplies so everything you need is within arms reach! 
Whether you decide on Crisp White or Oak-Grain finish, her six casters will help you move your new Auntie Cabinet into just the right position.

The opening and platform of the cabinet will accommodate sewing machines that are no larger than:

    • 19” W (left to right)
    • 12 ¾” D (front to back)
    • 13 ?” H
  • Universal Insert: Construction: Vinyl laminate/MDF/Composite
    • Accommodates machines less than 17″ W x 7 ½” D
    • Custom Machine Insert available for machines that don’t fit 
  • *Please measure your machine and include knobs, plugs, etc. that extend beyond the body of the machine. If the machine fits tight edge to edge, a custom insert cannot be made.


  • Adjustable three-position airlift:
  • Moves your machine into three positions: free-arm, flatbed and storage
  • Manual platform design with a 45-pound sewing machine capacity
  • Four pull-out drawers for optimal storage space
  • Dual-leaf design means increased work surface
  • Order arrives with universal insert (fits most standard sewing machines)
  • Accommodates machines less than 17″ W x 7 ¼” D
  • Custom Machine Insert available for machines that don’t fit the universal insert
  • Six heavy-duty locking casters provide excellent portability and stability
  • Available in 2 finishes: Crisp White & Oak-Grain
  • Additional information can be found on our Auntie Cabinet informational sheet
  • Arrow Sewing Furniture Ten-Year Limited Warranty

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